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Baby Sleeping



The jargon: A sleep consultant provides guidance and support to help parents implement behavioural interventions to form good child sleep habits. 

The reality: Parenting is hard! Parenting while sleep deprived is even harder and parenting an over-tired grumpy child while sleep deprived is even harder! 

Yes you can google sleep tips and for some people that is enough to make the changes they need, but for others (particularly the exhausted!) everything makes more sense when someone can sit down with you over a coffee and explain in gentle, non judgemental terms exactly what will work for your individual situation. I'll then support and encourage you along the way as you start to implement these changes, making tweaks and alterations as required depending how your child is responding as we go. 

Think of it like hiring a personal trainer but instead of working towards a bikini body you are working towards a well rested happy family. If you think a sleep consultant could help your family, get in touch today :)

Happy Baby

What past client's have to say...

"Within a few days we were all getting a full nights sleep"

Tracy - mum to 17 month old Lochie

"You took the time to understand what our issues were (waking every 3 hours and not napping in his cot during the day) and you gave us options to try which were really excellent". 

Karen - mum to 10 month old Kian

 "Jen was so supportive and understanding through our journey as we wanted to sleep train gently, without crying it out and she helped us every step of the way in order to achieve our sleep goals". 

Aurelija - mum to 11 month old Freja

Jen is fantastic! Can’t recommend her highly enough!! Our wee girl now sleeps 12 hours every night without waking!!"

Gillian - mum to 7 month old Freya


Certified Baby + Child Sleep Consultant, Glasgow

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