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Good sleep starts with a good bedtime routine - here are my 5 tips for a good bedtime routine:

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

1: Timing | around 7 pm is an ideal bedtime for most babies and young children as it is when their Melatonin (sleepy hormone) production is highest making it the easiest time for them to fall asleep.

2: Environment | a dark, calm, quiet environment with minimal stimulation helps to induce sleepiness.

3: Consistency | carrying out the same steps in the same order each night helps to create positive sleep associations and helps your child feel safe and secure.

4: Length | a good bedtime routine should take approximately 30 minutes from start to finish. Enough time for your child to wind down and prepare for sleep but not too long that they become overtired or re-stimulated.

5: Independence | place your child in their sleep space still awake at the end of their bedtime routine. This allows them to practice falling asleep independently.

If they have fallen asleep feeding or being held try rousing them gently before putting them in their bed.

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