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Managing the clock change!

The clocks are due to go forward 1 hour at 2 am on Sunday 27th March 2022 (UK)

If you want to keep your child on their normal sleep schedule a subtle way to get them adjusted to the change is to start from Wed 23rd by moving bedtime 15 minutes earlier each night so by Saturday they will be going to bed an hour earlier and will be back on track for their normal bedtime by Sunday.

If your child is down to 1 nap a day or no naps they may be less sensitive to their bedtime being altered so you could move bedtime 30 minutes earlier on Saturday 26th and then they are only having to stay up an extra half hour to go to bed at their "normal time" on Sunday.

A third option (more suited to older children) is to bring bedtime earlier by an hour on Saturday night so that if your child normally wakes at the same time each day they will not be missing out on an hour of sleep.

Alternatively you can do nothing at all and enjoy the illusion of a long lie but be mindful that your child may be more tired than usual on Sunday.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch x

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