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What does working with me involve?

The first step will be a free 15 min discovery call. This is a chance for you to tell me a bit about your current sleep situation and what you are hoping to achieve. I will chat to you about the support I can offer and discuss what level of support you would likely require. This call allows us both to ask any questions and get to know each other a bit to decide if we will be a good fit to work together.

Following the discovery call if you decide to go ahead with booking a sleep package, we will decide on a suitable time to start your plan and get your first consultation booked in. Prior to the consultation I will send you a comprehensive questionnaire to complete along with a personality test for your child and will ask for you to keep a sleep diary for the 3 nights prior to your consultation.

During the 1 hour video consultation we will go into a bit more depth around the responses you provided in the questionnaire and will get a feel for your parenting style, lifestyle and child's likes and dislikes and together we will come up with a sleep plan specific to your family's needs. Following the consultation I will send you a summary of your plan and follow up arrangements.

Your plan will start the night after your 1st consultation. I will ask you to update me by email each morning with how the previous night has gone so we can address any issues right away, then every 2-3 days for the length of your plan we will have a 15 min follow up video call to support you or tweak your plan based on how your little one is reacting.

At the end of your plan we will do a closing call and provide you with a plan for going forward and ensure you are feeling confident and supported with your new routine.

If you are unsure about whether or not a sleep support package is for you, please get in touch to book a discovery call. There is no obligation to make a booking following the call.

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